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Time for tough action on speed advertisements.

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10 April 2002


The Federal Government must stand up to Australia’s car manufacturing and advertising industries and commit to tougher standards on speed in car advertising.

Parliamentary Transport Secretary, Senator Boswell, is meeting today with car industry representatives to discuss the issue of advertising standards.

Some sections of the advertising industry believe they need to prove one car is sleeker, faster and more powerful than another. Clearly cars portrayed travelling at lightening speed and in unrealistic scenarios on our television sets is irresponsible, particularly when we have a rising road toll and speed is known to be the cause of too many road accidents.

How many more people must die in speed related accidents for the Federal Government to show leadership on this issue? Labor supports much tougher standards for car advertising and it’s time for tough action on this issue.

Senator Boswell openly supports more stringent standards and an end to the ‘speed thrills’ mentality but he must show some courage and stand up to industry to get reform underway now.

We are still waiting for the Senator to follow through on his promise to put in place a code of conduct in the trucking industry. He must not drag his heals on this similarly important issue.

Road deaths have an enormous impact on the Australian community and now is the right time for the Federal Government to take action on the issue of speed in advertising.

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