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Democrats call on States to uphold women's rights on IVF.

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Senator Brian Greig 

Australian Democrats

Spokesperson for Law and Justice



Democrats call on States

to uphold women's rights on IVF



With the Sex-Discrimination Bill ready for debate in the Senate, there are still some doubts that Labor Senators will not be unified in their objections to this highly discriminatory bill.   If they buckle under the pressure of the conservative Right, it will be left to the States to ensure single and lesbian women who wish to access fertility treatment are treated fairly.


Democrats Law and Justice spokesperson, Senator Brian Greig, says while Labor is talking up its opposition to the Bill, it's not over until the vote comes down.


"We have seen these things happen before, where the ALP has talked the talk on an issue, but failed to carry through on its' promises," Senator Greig said.


"To pass the Government's Sex Discrimination Bill, which discriminates against women on the basis of marital status or sexual preference, sets a dangerous precedence and puts women's rights back to pre-war status.


"The arguments against this Bill, that single and lesbian mothers are inferior to their heterosexual, married sisters, is indefensible.   During WWI and WWII, many women successfully raised their families while their partners were away and many widows, divorced and lesbian women have done so since that time," Senator Greig said.


"As a safety precaution, we call on State governments to ensure that women seeking fertility assistance are not discriminated against because of their marital status."


If the Government's Sex Discrimination Bill becomes law, it will then be up to each State to decide whether it takes advantage of the Federal laws to impose restrictions on certain women's access to fertility treatment, or whether it relies on its own State laws to treat all women equally.




Contacts:  Senator Brian Greig, 08) 9228 3133 or Di Graham on 0409 089 159