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Bob Carr is hopeless at building roads.

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Joanna Gash Member for Gilmore

Bob Carr is hopeless at building roads

16 September 2004

"Confirmation that Bob Carr will not match the Commonwealth's $15 million investment in the Princes Highway danger spots comes as no surprise to those of us that have to work with the NSW Government. It is, however, a bitter disappointment for the South Coast community that relies on this dangerous section of highway every day," said Member for Gilmore Joanna Gash.

"Revelations that we aren't likely to see any action this year are a further indictment on the NSW Government. Just how much can the NSW Government delay this work with scope of works studies, environmental investigations and reviews of environmental factors?

"Here we are with a State Highway that everybody recognises as the most dangerous in NSW and Bob Carr cannot even manage to push through what could be life saving improvements. All the while, there is Federal money on the

table - its value diminishing month by month.

"His record doesn't end there. It's taken him six years Main Road 92 and he still hasn't approved it so that the major building can start. Studies, negotiations, more studies and research add up to bureaucratic blockages that have seen the value of the funding reduce over time.

"We are seeing millions of dollars wasted by a lack of will and a lack of action.

"Bob Carr has not only mucked up trains, hospitals and jobs in Western Sydney; he is hopeless at roads as well," said Mrs Gash.