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Australians want a party that supports family values not extremism.

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MEDIA RELEASE SF/124 Friday April 13, 2007


Leopards cannot change their spots.

Despite the extreme Greens' latest marketing attempts to make themselves more presentable, the fundamentals haven't changed.

The extreme Greens are still pushing their dangerous policies to provide free heroin to addicts, open shooting galleries across the country and abolish criminal sanctions for drug users.

Yet the extreme Greens have NO policies for families or small business, which shows how out of touch they really are. Australians want a party that supports mainstream family values, not extremism. They want a sensible party which votes on issues on their merit.

FAMILY FIRST voted against the Howard Government's unfair workplace changes, voted against the Government's privatisation of Telstra and voted against the Government's unjust changes to processing asylum seekers.

Yet FAMILY FIRST voted for the Howard Government's anti-terrorism laws; voted for the Government's welfare changes because people who can work, should work; and voted for new laws to protect small business.

FAMILY FIRST has also campaigned strongly on issues where we disagree with both the major parties, such as cutting petrol tax, opposing the sale of Qantas and stopping tax rorts.

The question for families is: Which party do they want holding the Balance of Power in the Senate? Do they want a party like FAMILY FIRST that supports family values or a party like the Greens that promotes extremism?

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