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Budget 2004: Strengthening our defences against terrorism: Fact sheet.

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Since 11 September 2001, the Howard Government has committed more than $1.3 billion to the Australian Defence Force to fight the war against terrorism. The money has been spent not only on helping with the international effort to remove the threat of al Qaeda and their supporters from Afghanistan, but also to strengthen our defences at home. The ADF is better prepared than ever to respond to terrorist threats in Australia and contribute to international efforts to reduce the spread of global terror networks and weapons of mass destruction.

Operation Slipper

• Australia’s contribution to operations in Afghanistan involving about 1100 ADF personnel.

• An extra $496.0 million over two years .

Tactical Assault Group (East)

• Established a second permanent Tactical Assault Group on the east coast of Australia, with the capability of responding to incidents such as a terrorist hostage situation.

• An extra $252.8 million over five years.

Incident Response Regiment

• Established a regiment of highly trained Defence personnel to respond to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive emergencies in Australia and involving Australian interests overseas.

• An extra $140.0 million over 5 years.

Special Operations Command

• Established new command structure with an extra 334 combat and combat support personnel to further enhance the ADF’s capacity to undertake counter terrorism activities.

• An extra $156.8 million over four years.

Operation Safebase

• Enhanced security for Defence personnel and facilities including increased guarding, patrolling and protective searches.

• An extra $138.8 million over four years.

National Threat Assessment Centre

• The centre will strengthen Australia’s counter terrorism capabilities by consolidating the threat assessment efforts of several agencies through the secondment of analysts into a single, dedicated unit based in the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.

• $2.1 million over four years.

Improved counter-terrorism operational capacity

• Improved real time communications between Australia and the United States in support of the war against terrorism.

• An extra $15.0 million over two years

Defence Communications Project

• Improved secure communications systems as a result of assessments made following 11 September 2001.

• An extra $113.6 million over five years.

E-Security National Agenda

• The Defence Signals Directorate’s communication and information security assessment role is being strengthened. New equipment will enable DSD to perform further technology reviews, architecture analysis and security audits on the national information infrastructure.

• $8.7 million over four years.

Increase funding to intelligence agencies

• To enhance counter terrorism capabilities.

• An extra $20.3 million over three years.