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70,000 extra training places.

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13 November 1998




“Over 70,000 additional training places are expected to be delivered by 1999 through the joint efforts of the Commonwealth and all State and Territory Governments,” Training Ministe rs announced today.


At the ANTA (Australian National Training Authority) Ministerial Council meeting in Perth on Friday 13 November, Ministers agreed to work together to further progress New Apprenticeship reforms.


Ministers also approved Annual Plans for all States and Territories, which will deliver in 1999:


* a total of 1.5 million enrolments in the national vocational education and training system;

* more than 138,000 New Apprenticeship places - an increase of nearly 10%; and

* over 4000 school-based New Apprenticeships


The spirit of cooperation between the Commonwealth, States and Territories continues.


Employers, industry and governments are working together to create a truly world-class national training system that will take Australia through to the next millenium.


The Ministerial Council meeting was preceded by the National Training Awards, which once again highlighted the giant strides that many young Australians are taking in the vocational education and training area.


“The commitment and success exhibited by all nominees and award winners gives cause for great confidence that recent reforms are leading to the creation of a highly skilled workforce that will enable Australian businesses to thrive in the increasingly competitive global economy.


“The clear message from the Awards is that businesses that train are businesses that succeed,” said the Ministers.


The Hon Dr David Kemp

The Hon John Aquilina (NSW)

The Hon Phil Honeywood (VIC)

The Hon Paul Braddy (QLD)

The Hon Graham Kierath (WA)

The Hon Malcolm Buckby (SA)

The Hon Paula Wriedt (TAS)

Mr Bill Stefaniak (ACT)

The Hon Peter Adamason (NT)