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AMCORD gives direction to community developers without prescibing dictatorial solutions: launch of the Australian Model Code for Residential Development Resource manual, 12 November 1995

Developers, builders and community planners will have a new industry reform guide after the launch of the Australian Model Code for Residential Development (AMCORD) Resource Manual by Minister for Housing and Regional Development, Brian Howe, in Canberra today.

"One of the major advantages of AMCORD is the way it gives aid and direction to community developers without prescribing narrow or dictatorial solutions," Mr Howe said.

"We need to be consistent in the way we plan our urban environs, but we want to draw upon the specific needs of each area and community to develop creative and attractive living places for all Australians."

"We have to be aware that our neighbourhoods and streets have a traditional character which is an important part of our culture. We must preserve those positive elements of our community and improve the elements which are harmful, risky or detrimental to the community."

"Some of the key developments in AMCORD will involve the innovative use of alternative materials to build safer and more environmentally appropriate dwellings."

"This could make a significant difference to the safety of communities, especially those at risk from bushfires and climatic extremes." Mr Howe said.

"It will also make a difference to the personal safety of residents. Planning of building sites, house orientation and privacy will attempt to discourage crime."

"The bottom line outcome from industry reforms like those which will be delivered through AMCORD will be a better deal for consumers. Under the AMCORD system, Australians will have more choice in housing and better quality houses."

"This manual will provide planners, managers and developers in the government, design and building sectors, with the technical information to provide better living solutions for Australians."

Mr Howe said there were several major issues which were addressed in the manual. These included:

. Australia's various climatic zones, including our tropical areas;

. housing orientation, including passive solar, cooling breezes and ventilation;

. noise reduction;

. protection from bushfire;

. waste disposal and management;

. the continuation of more sustainable development practices; and

. the impact of building materials on the environment.

The AMCORD resource manual is available from your nearest office of the Commonwealth Department of Housing and Regional Development.


Barry Telford, Department of Housing and Regional Development, 015 264 384