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Down days at Mitsubishi start today.

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Media Release

Bob McMullan, MP

Shadow Minister for Industry and Technology

Manager of Opposition Business

Member for Fraser


17 December 1999


Down Days At Mitsubishi Start Today

Adelaide car manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors has brought forward three 'dow n days', starting today, because of the GST car buyers strike, Shadow Minister for Industry and Technology, Bob McMullan, said today.

"Mitsubishi's down days are tip of the iceberg - if the Government doesn't act to stop the GST car buyers strike thousands of workers will be looking at further down days in the New Year," Mr McMullan said.

"Access Economics has predicted that the GST car buyers strike will cost 30,000 locally manufactured cars.

"A drop in sales of 30,000 locally manufactured vehicles will lead to another five weeks of down days ahead of the introduction of the GST in July.

"This is a big issue for the South Australian economy - an issue that South Australian Senator and Minister for Trade, Nick Minchin, will not address.

"Senator Minchin and the Government should act now by: cutting the Wholesale Sales Tax on cars; and dispelling the myth that cars will be significantly cheaper for most Australians after the introduction of the GST.

"This is not only an issue for the more than 4,000 workers at Mitsubishi - it flows right through the more than 7,000 small businesses in South Australia that are associated with the automotive industry.

"Senator Minchin and the Government caused this problem - thousands of South Australian workers and small business owners will not forget it," Mr McMullan said.



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