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Labor's desperate scare campaign.

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Michael Lee's most recent press release is a pathetic and desperate attempt to raise an issue that has been time and again been ruled off the agenda.


Michael Lee knows that there is no hidden agenda because he was there when I ruled it out at the Press Club debate.    He was also there when I ruled it out again during a debate on SBS's Insight programme last Thursday.


JENNY BROCKIE: Are you going to reintroduce it (a voucher system of funding) again?

DAVID KEMP: No, we're not. No. You have my commitment.



Michael Lee persists in this pathetic sham in an attempt to cover the fact that his Education Policy is a fraud, long on rhetoric, short on funds and lacking in practical plans to raise education standards in Australia.


If Michael Lee wishes to discuss the funding of universities, he should begin by explaining where universities will find the $161 million he intends to take away from them by abolishing full fee paying domestic undergraduate places.


This goes to the heart of Mr Lee's ideological obsession that drives him and the Labor Party to cut revenues to universities and deny access to universities to Australian students.


Michael Lee and Kim Beazley have no plans to add a single on-campus university place over the next five years.  On the contrary, they are going to cut up to six thousand places.   Less funding and fewer places for Australian universities ' some Knowledge Nation.




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Wednesday, 7 November 2001