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Joint statement: [Australia and the EU]

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Prime Minister of Australia

Media Release

Joint Statement, Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd, President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, Brussels

02 April 2008

Australia and the EU share common values and close historical, political, economic and cultural ties. We face many common challenges in foreign and security, and trade and economic policy areas. In meeting these challenges we recognise the value of regular and frank dialogue and close cooperation. We discussed today how we can strengthen and develop our work together on a range of issues such as international trade, climate change, the Pacific region, and international security threats. We believe our cooperation will exemplify how the international community must work together to achieve lasting solutions to our most difficult challenges.

We have agreed

z To promote a new era of creative engagement between Australia and the EU z To reaffirm our resolve to bring the Doha trade negotiations to a successful conclusion this year and emphasise the shared interest we have in achieving an ambitious, balanced and comprehensive outcome that creates new trade opportunities in agriculture, industrial goods and services among and between developed and developing

countries. z To work closely together in implementing the Kyoto Protocol and forging a comprehensive post 2012 global agreement on climate change that will deliver the deep cuts in emissions the world requires. There is no greater

threat to the global environment than climate change. z To coordinate regularly on our work on development and security issues in East Asia and the Pacific region, especially on issues such as climate change and deforestation. z To cooperate in the fight against terrorism, including tackling terrorist financing effectively and promoting inter-

cultural dialogue and understanding. z To intensify our work to upgrade EU-Australia relations through a new Partnership Framework, including priorities for cooperation on international security, trade, development issues, the Asia-Pacific region, climate change and

energy, science and education, aviation and movement of people, including visas.

In this respect, we note negotiations already underway on a Passenger Name Record agreement, as well as our joint objective of achieving progress towards a comprehensive aviation agreement.


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