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Clare’s trying to sneak in demerit system.

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MEDIA RELEASE David Tollner MP Federal Member for Solomon 22 September 2006

Clare’s trying to sneak in demerit system

The government is using the introduction of speed limits on our open roads as reported in the NT News today as a red herring. They know speed limits are not the solution and is nothing other than a distraction from their intention to implement a demerit point system, Solomon MHR David Tollner said today.

The threat of introducing a 110 km / hr speed limit is a distraction in an attempt to introduce a demerit point system in the Territory.

The Clare Martin Labor machine has failed on all accounts in respect to addressing road deaths. They have failed to invest in our road network, they have failed to introduce improved driver education, especially for young drivers and they have failed to improve police presence on our roads.

To cover for these failures and in a desperate attempt to be seen to be doing something they will now run headlong towards a demerit system.

The fact is if this government wanted to get serious about cutting the road toll they would increase driver education, increase police visibility and fix up the roads.

Penalty systems and speed limits are no substitute for basic functions of governments.

A demerit system adds a further layer of bureaucracy and fails to address the key issue of the state of our roads.

For instance where is the promised Tiger Brennan drive extension, or monies for the Tanami Road, or the Victoria Highway. The fact is Labor have failed to make the necessary investments in these roads since coming to office.

Sadly Labor’s answer is to wrap people up in cotton wool and put in place penalty arrangements and not spend the monies they need to spend on police, education and road improvements.

Road works such as these would go a long way to improving the road safety.

As for the 110 km / hr speed limit, this is nothing other than the Clare Martin Labor spin machine working to soften the electorate for its other measures.

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