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Labor will end uncertainty and extend Diesel and Alternative Fuels Grants Scheme.

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Martin Ferguson - Labor Will End Uncertainty And Extend Diesel And Alternative Fuels Grants Scheme //media/0801/mfmsfuel310801.html Monday, 03 September 2001

Labor Will End Uncertainty And Extend Diesel And Alternative Fuels Grants Scheme Martin Ferguson - Shadow Minister for Transport

Media Statement - 31 August 2001

The next Labor Government will give the transport industry certainty and extend the Diesel and Alternative Fuel Grants Scheme for 12 months from June 2002, Shadow Transport Minister, Martin Ferguson, said today.

Labor will ensure the energy credit scheme and arrangements maintain the equivalent benefits to the trucking industry as the DAFGS, Mr Ferguson told the NatRoads Annual Conference on the Gold Coast.

A GST deal was done by the Government and the Democrats in consultation with industry groups to replace DAFGS in June 2002. The legislation specifies that the scheme will sunset in June 2002, to be replaced by an energy credit scheme.

The Government sat on its hands for two years and did nothing to finalise an energy credit scheme. Labor has repeatedly called on Transport Minister John Anderson to give a guarantee that the new energy credit scheme will be finalised in time.

It is now tied up in the Fuel Tax Inquiry, which will examine the whole issue of fuel taxes, that is not due to report until March 2002.

That leaves only three months to devise, consider, consult, debate, negotiate, resolve and, if need be, legislate an energy credit scheme to meet the agreed sunset date.

Labor's extension will ensure the industry has the stability it needs to do the job while the Labor Government develops a fair and equitable energy credit scheme in full consultation with all affected parties. That process would include consideration of the outcome of the Fuel Tax Inquiry.

Labor's new scheme will include incentives and measures to improve the environmental performance of the transport industry and vehicle efficiency.

Mr Ferguson told industry representatives that Labor never had a policy to knock off the DAFGS and

said the resources they were spending on their "Save the Grant" campaign should be diverted to completing a credible submission to the Fuel Tax Inquiry and toward improving training and safety in the industry. Authorised by Geoff Walsh, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.