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Minister announces new information technology contracts and revamped SourceIT website.

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Mr Gary Nairn MP

Special Minister of State

Media Release

07/2006 31 May 2006

Minister Announces New Information Technology Contracts and revamped SourceIT website

The Special Minister of State, The Hon Gary Nairn MP, today released for comment draft model contracts in response to the review of the Government Information Technology and Communications (GITC) Framework. The Minister also announced that draft contracts would be released online as the first phase of redeveloping SourceIT as a specialised government ICT procurement website.

"Providing for simple ICT procurement, the draft model contracts align with Australian Government regulations and guidelines, while providing consistency in terms and conditions to significantly improve ICT contracting between agencies and suppliers, as well as reducing the costs of the contracting process,” Minister Nairn said.

The contracts - now known as SourceIT model contracts - have been incorporated into the existing SourceIT website, to provide a streamlined and simplified information resource for government agencies on ICT procurement.

The initial SourceIT suite comprises model legal contracts that Australian Government agencies can use to engage in the simple procurement of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) products and services.

The first suite of draft contracts cover IT Consultancy, Hardware Acquisition and Support and Commercial off-the-shelf Software Licence Acquisition and Support. The hardware and software contracts will include implementation, support and maintenance options.

"The draft model contracts provided through SourceIT have recently been provided to Australian Government agencies and suppliers for comment. Feedback from this consultative phase will be used to further refine the documents. I encourage ICT firms, both large and small, to provide input during this consultation phase.” Minister Nairn said.

Minister Nairn stated that the Australian Government, through the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO), will continue consultation with agencies and suppliers on the operation of this first suite of model contracts and to identify potential categories for inclusion in the next suite of model contracts.

The model contracts will be continually reviewed to enhance usability and ensure consistency with changes in Australian Government procurement policy and guidelines. Changes to Government policy relating to ICT procurement, such as assignment of intellectual property rights or capping supplier liability which is currently under review, will be reflected in the model contracts and supporting guidance material developed by AGIMO.

The Minister also advised that the Intellectual Property (IP) guidelines are still being reviewed by the Government.

Options will include guidelines that outline how IP can be retained by the contractor or shared between the Government and the contractor. This should lead to lower prices for Government, as contractors will have the opportunity to re-sell the IP to other clients - including State Governments or to other countries.

The SourceIT website - - will provide support and information for agencies and suppliers on the use of the model contracts.

During the transition phase a helpline will also be available by telephoning 02 6215 1597 or emailing . The GITC website will be supported for existing contracts and ICT procurement outside of the new model contracts.

“These new model contracts, as well as the re-developed SourceIT website, will simplify the procurement process for government ICT. This will result in more efficient government and will also mean industry can be better informed on these processes than ever before.” Minister Nairn said.


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