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Democrats welcome radiation labelling.

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Senator Lyn Allison Australian Democrats Telecommunications Spokesperson

20 July ‘01 MEDIA RELEASE 01/424

Democrats welcome radiation labelling The Australian Democrats’ Telecommunications Spokesperson and Chair of the recent Senate Inquiry into Electromagnetic Radiation from Mobile Phones, Senator Lyn Allison welcomes moves to disclose on packaging information on emission levels produced by mobile phones.

Senator Allison says the Government has finally put in place the Democrats’ call on 18 July 2000, just over one year ago, to follow the US example of publishing the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of all new mobile phone models.

The electromagnetic radiation measurement, called the ‘specific absorption rate’, is the amount of electromagnetic radiation absorbed while using a mobile phone.

Senator Allison said, “This is an important step forward in consumers being able to choose the safest mobile phones, however basic advice is also needed on measures that can minimise exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

“It is also important that the list of existing phones’ SAR ratings be published now instead of later as the industry is proposing,” Senator Allison said.

“Warnings should also be given to consumers about the use of mobiles by children and advice provided on limiting the length of calls and minimising use in situations which require higher output such as enclosed spaces and where reception is poor.

“The Government should also see that standards are developed for hands-free kits and advice provided to consumers about their effectiveness.

“There should be a comprehensive complaints register for mobile phone users who experience symptoms and health problems that they attribute to mobile phone use,” Senator Allison concluded.

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