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Post grad researchers are GST losers.

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PostGrad Researchers ARE GST Losers


“In Senate question time today the Government refused to accept that Australia’s top research students are clear losers under the GST”, according to Shadow Education Minister, Michael Lee.


Close to 5,000 of the best research students receive tax-free Commonwealth scholarships of around $15,000 a year and they are not eligible for most forms of student assistance. This means they do not benefit from either the income tax changes or any increases in social security payments.


“Even Senator Kemp should be able to understand that if they don’t pay tax and they don’t receive social security benefits the increased costs of food, books, clothing, transport, software and internet usage will make our elite postgraduate researchers worse off.


“The Government’s dishonest claim that there are no losers under the GST is becoming more ridiculous by the day in the light of clear evidence that many pensioners, veterans, low-income farmers and self-funded retirees will also be worse off.


“The impact on research students is another example of the way in which the GST will be bad for individuals and bad for the country. It will discourage our brightest students from becoming researchers.


Australia’s future depends on research and innovation. The Howard Government’s attacks on universities and tax incentives for research have already damaged our national research effort. Making life tougher for post-graduate researchers makes it even harder”, said Mr Lee.


22 April 1999


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