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Work for the Dole working for the Nation.

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Media Release


Work For The Dole Working For The Nation

Employment Services Minister, Mal Brough, today announced 437 new Work for the Dole projects across the nation.

The new projects offer 4,960 new places available for unemployed people to upgrade or learn new work skills and contribute to their communities.

The new projects include 12 new Drought Force projects under the Work for the Dole umbrella to help drought-hit farm operations in NSW and Victoria. Participants will help farmers in activities including stock control and feeding, fencing, crop preparation and general farm maintenance.

Other projects include:

● Creating props and costumes for a pantomime at the Brisbane Powerhouse performed by the

Speak Art Youth Theatre Inc. ● Upgrading old computers in Ipswich Queensland for donation to schools in Kiribati.

● Working in the media at the Mutitjulu Community Inc at Yulara in the Northern Territory with

participants assisting with community radio broadcasting and video and newspaper production. ● Managing and promoting youth events, developing marketing materials and delivering activities

sponsored by Mission Australia at Casuarina in the Northern Territory. ● Making kites for the National Kite Flying Festival in Canberra sponsored by the ACT Society for

the Physically Handicapped. ● The construction of a mini-golf course for children with disabilities at the Malibu School,

Rockingham in Western Australia. ● Assisting with the management and promotion of a clothes library for unemployed people at East

Victoria Park in Western Australia. ● Building stone walls and reconstructing historical sites at Launceston for Forestry Tasmania.

● The creation of murals, sculptures and signage for display in the Dandenong community.

● Caring for native animals at the Jirrahlinga Wildlife Sanctuary, Barwon Heads in Victoria.

● Web site design, networking and information technology support at Salisbury North in South

Australia. ● Refurbishment of the Hornsby PCYC in NSW, including painting, minor repairs and


Since 1997, 17,538 projects across Australia have offered 285,639 opportunities for unemployed Australians.

"Work for the Dole is based on the principle that people receiving unemployment benefits should actively seek work and give something back to the community that supports them," Mr Brough said.

"This mutual obligation instils self-reliance in job seekers and motivates them to search for a job. And it has the great benefit of exposing job seekers to interesting, worthwhile and well-supervised tasks that help them gain, or retain, work skills."

"Yet Labor would scrap Work for the Dole - despite its overwhelming success, community support and the enormous benefits it provides to job seekers - and would force unemployed people into endless training programs that never lead to a real job," Mr Brough said.

A list of Work for the Dole projects can be found at

For further information contact:

Paul Edwards Minister Broughs Office 0402 919 333

Further information on Work for the Dole: Sharon Stuart, 02 6121 5606