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Australians deserve tax relief.

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Senator Ursula Stephens

MEDIA RELEASE Thursday 23rd 2003

Australians Deserve Tax Relief

Country Labor Duty Senator for Eden-Monaro, Ursula Stephens, today joined with Federal Shadow Treasurer, Bob McMullan, in Queanbeyan to demand that local residents get a tax break in John Howard’s next budget.

John Howard and Peter Costello are running the highest taxing Government in Australia’s history.

‘This government has only given workers in Eden-Monaro one tax cut in seven years- and that came at the same time as Australians were slugged with the GST.

‘Workers in Eden-Monaro are working harder than ever before, yet they are being unfairly slugged with record taxes, higher tax rates through bracket creep, high family tax debts, the GST and more and more hidden taxes.

‘John Howard and Peter Costello sneakily introduce new levies and charges as a way of disguising further tax increases - but ‘levy’ is just a four-letter word for ‘tax’,’ Senator Stephens said.

‘At the same time, the Howard Government is now planning to make life even harder by killing Medicare. Not content with slugging them with higher and higher taxes, John Howard now wants every Australian family earning more than $40,000 a year to pay up to $20 or more every time they visit the doctor,’ Senator Stephens stated.

Labor has launched a campaign to win Australian families the tax relief they deserve by taking the message straight to Treasurer Peter Costello. A mobile billboard spotlighting the Howard Government’s appalling tax record has taken to the streets.

‘Australian taxpayers know the Howard and Costello Government - Australia’s highest taxing government ever, is taking them for a ride.

‘Australians deserve tax relief now,’ Senator Stephens concluded.

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