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Windsor supports call for inclusion of country homes in solar energy trial.

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16 June 2004

Windsor Supports Call For Inclusion Of Country Homes In Solar Energy Trial

The Independent Member for New England is supporting calls from New England Solar Power to extend the $75 million dollar solar city package to regional areas. The $75 million solar cities package is included in yesterdays Securing Australia’s Energy Future, this package completely ignores regional communities.

Mr Windsor said, “I have had an immediate response within the electorate to this deliberate exclusion of regional communities from the investment that renewable energy sources offer.

New England Solar power who are running a seminar on renewable power in Moree tomorrow are justified in questioning why regional communities are missing out on the benefits that this package can offer by moving our communities into solar power.

While I appreciate the Governments efforts to protect jobs within the fossil fuels industry I feel that renewable fuels such as solar and wind power have missed out.

The Prime Minister has stated that these energy sources are over priced. The issue I take with this statement is that all new technology is overpriced, however with usage the price drops dramatically. Clearly there is a case to support a change in our energy usage towards renewable fuels as fossil fuel reserves dwindle.

This change needs to occur gradually to allow a seamless transition to avoid disruptions to our economy. The protection of jobs within the fossil fuels sector can be managed at the same time as encouraging a shift to renewable fuels such as solar power and wind power.

The question that has to be asked is, are we as a nation going to lock our strategic future planning on energy into non renewable fuel sources such as coal and gas or are we going to have the vision to build replacements within the lifespan of the known fossil fuel reserves”, Mr Windsor concluded.