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Democrats support call for transport equity in Tasmania.

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Senator Brian Greig Senator for Western Australia Australian Democrats spokesperson for Transport


Democrats support call for transport equity in Tasmania

The Australian Democrats are today supporting the call by the National Sea Highway Committee, for Tasmania to have transport equality including cheaper sea passenger fares to and from the mainland.

Democrats Transport spokesperson, Senator Brian Greig says the call to include Bass Strait as part of the National Highway System (NHS) would lead to cheaper ferry tickets to Tasmania, benefitting tourism and other industries.

"Tasmania is a state of Australia with unique needs which should be addressed. The government has given a commitment, but so far has yet to honour its’ undertakings," Senator Greig said.

"These undertakings include the establishment of a national highway link between Victoria and Tasmania including daily, high volume, low fare access.

"Access to Tasmania should be as economical and convenient as travelling to any other state," Senator Greig said.

"Instead, access to and from Tasmania is very expensive.

"This basic transport problem impacts heavily on the economic growth, jobs growth and investment in Tasmania.

"It is time the Federal Government met its’ election undertakings to ensure transport equality for Tasmania," Senator Greig said.

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