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Howard's plan to end public education.

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Media Release

Jenny Macklin MP

25 September 2004


New evidence has surfaced that the Howard Government has a secret plan to end public education in Australia.

Howard Government members want to introduce a voucher system and set up thousands of new bureaucracies to control schools funding.

John Howard must come clean on his plans to end free public education for all Australians if his government is re-elected.

According to a report in today’s Australian newspaper, De-Anne Kelly, Parliamentary Secretary to the Trade and Transport ministers, wants to replace public education with student vouchers that parents could redeem at any school.

Jackie Kelly, Liberal member for Lindsay, wants to end public education by setting up a raft of new bureaucracies to determine how much money goes to local school children, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

These are more steps down the road of privatising all children's schooling and further evidence that the Howard Government wants to end Australian public education.

A voucher system will be the finish of public education in Australia. Vouchers mean even more taxpayer dollars going to high fee schools. They drain money from public schools and create an environment where children are forced to compete for a decent education in the open market.

Other Liberals on the record pushing for vouchers include Wilson Tuckey and Malcolm Turnbull, Liberal candidate for Wentworth and past treasurer of the Liberal Party.

Jackie Kelly's plan would cost a fortune to administer and is a recipe for new fees for parents and American-style schools administration.

These developments follow National Kay Hull’s revelations this week that the Howard Government may force parents to pay fees to send their children to public schools.

The Howard Government cannot be trusted on education.

A Federal Labor Government will make public education a national priority and invest $1.9 billion into our public schools by 2008-09

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