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Monarchist native title scare campaign must be rejected.

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Robert McClelland MP

Shadow Attorney-General

Federal Member For Barton




Monarchists are continuing to mount a deceitful scare campaign by alleging that the Republic could increase th e likelihood of native title claims, according to the Shadow Attorney-General, Robert McClelland.


‘This claim is based on the assertion that, if the Commonwealth and State governments move to become Republics then to the extent that the Commonwealth or States currently use the term ‘Crown land’, that name would have to be changed,” Mr McClelland said.


“Led by the One Nation party, Monarchists, such as Sir David Flint, have given credence to concerns that the Republic would abolish ‘Crown land’, handing that land back to indigenous Australians.


‘This is just another Monarchist scare campaign, feeding off the insecurities of some Australians about native title. Australians should reject this patently false claim.


“So-called ‘Crown land’ is nothing more than land owned by the government on behalf of the people. Any change in terminology from ‘Crown land’ to, for example, ‘State land’ arising from the abolition of the Crown would be a change in name only. It would not affect the rights and interests of any Australian, including indigenous Australians, in relation to that land.


“In the case of the Commonwealth, section 70A of the proposed Republican Constitution specifically ensures that no change could occur by providing that any prerogative currently enjoyed by the Crown ‘ shall be enjoyed in like manner by the Commonwealth ’.


“For Monarchists such as Sir David Flint to suggest, as he did on Saturday, that this conclusion was open to debate, is not only wrong, it is malevolent in the extreme.


“As the conclusions of Australia Deliberates show, Australians are getting sick and tired of the Monarchists’ scare campaign. The Monarchists should stop these malevolent claims and start debating the real issues."


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25 October 1999



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