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Liberal's drag out industrial relations policy as the nation yawns.

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Michael Organ MP Greens Member for Cunningham

***** MEDIA RELEASE***** 29 September 2004


In declaring the recently released Liberal Party policy on Workplace Relations a predictable failure, Cunningham MP Michael Organ has assessed the ideas behind it as being prejudiced, stale and futile.

“Much of this policy has already been consigned to the rubbish bin of history. A significant amount of its legislative proposals have already been rejected by the Parliament with that trend set to continue after October 9,” Michael Organ said.

“The idea of setting up a new mediation service for small business appears to be a further attempt at reducing the role of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, which is something the Greens would oppose outright.”

“Minister Andrews’s claims about the prohibitive expense of unfair dismissal litigation are misguided and inaccurate. A quick check of s170CE-CJ of the Workplace Relations Act reveals that employers do not have to pay filling fees and that the Commission must first attempt to conciliate all unfair dismissal applications, so to say the current system is expensive or complex is simply misleading,” Michael Organ said.

“The Liberal’s proposal to legislate to enshrine the concept of the ‘freedom to contract’ are most worrying. Everyone knows that’s simply Coalition code for the ‘freedom to exploit’ workers.”

“The Greens look forward to continuing to support the interests of workers and their unions so the sooner Minister Andrews abandons his tedious policy the better.” Michael Organ said.

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***** MEDIA RELEASE *****

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