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The New Tax System Advisory Board.

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Press Release



21 July 1999

NO. 42






I am announcing today the creation of a new Advisory Board to assist the Government with the implementation of The New Tax System.


The Board will advise on all as pects of the implementation of The New Tax System. It will pay particular attention to ensuring that the new tax arrangements can be implemented effectively whilst minimising costs and transitional difficulties .The Board will advise the Government on what help business and the community sector will need in implementing arrangements and it will oversee assistance to these sectors as Australia moves to The New Tax System.


The composition of the Board enables it to be attuned to the diverse needs of taxpayers. The Chair of the Board is Mr Chris Jordan, a partner in KPMG with a wealth of practical tax experience and experience in advising government. The Board also has representatives from a cross-section of the economy including, businesses, the charity and education sectors, and rural/regional areas. It will include:


·  Curt Rendall from the NSW Small Business Development Corporation


·  Ian Donges from the National Farmers’ Federation


·  Carol Schwartz from Sussan Corporation


·  Patrick McClure, Chief Executive Officer of Mission Australia


·  Professor Peter Tannock, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Notre Dame (WA)


·  Mark Paterson from the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


·  Phil Gaetjens, Tax Reform Legislative Unit


The Board will advise the Government through the Treasurer.


Shortly I will be announcing details on the establishment of the ‘GST Start-Up Assistance Office’ which will be responsible for administering the delivery of the Government’s $500 million GST start-up assistance program for small business and the education and charity sectors. The Office will draw on panels from small businesses and the community sector to work with it. The Office will work to the strategy as set by the Advisory Board.







Chairperson-Chris Jordan


Chris Jordan is the Partner in Charge of the New South Wales Tax and Legal Division of KPMG. Mr Jordan was a long standing member of the New South Wales Education Committee of the Taxation Institute o f Australia and has presented at numerous taxation seminars held by professional associations. Mr Jordan has previously been State Chairman of the New South Wales Division of the Taxation Institute of Australia.


Ian Donges


Ian Donges is President of the National Farmers' Federation, representing farmers' interests at a national and international level. Mr Donges was previously Vice President of the NFF and President of the New South Wales Farmers' Association. Mr Donges has been an active member of farming organisations including the Sheepmeats Council of Australia and the Grains Council of Australia.


Philip Gaetjens


Philip Gaetjens is head of the Tax Reform Legislative Unit and played a key role in the implementation of the legislation enacting A New Tax System. In March 1997 Mr Gaetjens was appointed as Chief of staff to the Treasurer, the Hon P H Costello, after a public service career involving significant contributions to microeconomic reform policy achievements at both Commonwealth and State levels.


Patrick McClure


Patrick McClure is the Chief Executive Officer of Mission Australia, one of the largest community organisations. Mr McClure is a member of the Prime Minister's Business and Community Partnership Board, the NSW Association of Major Commun ity Organisations and the Sir David Martin Foundation. Mr McClure has been CEO of the Society of St Vincent de Paul (NSW/ACT) and a member of a range of community organisations including the NSW Council of Social Services.


Mark Paterson


Mark Paterson is Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Mr Paterson is a member of a number of advisory boards, including the Australian National Training Authority Board. Mr Paterson has been actively involved in tax reform forums. Mr Paterson has been Executive Director of the Retailers Council of Australia. Mr Paterson has held senior executive roles and directorships with a range of organisations in the manufacturing, medical and superannuation industries.



Curt Rendall


Curt Rendall is a Chartered Accountant with Behrens Rendall Kelly and is Deputy Chairman of the Small Business Development Corporation of New South Wales. Mr Rendall is currently Chairman of the Federal Government's Small Business Consultat ive Committee. Mr Rendall holds a number of professional appointments with the Institute of Chartered Accountants including Chairman of the National SME Committee.


Carol Schwartz


Carol Schwartz is the General Manager of the Sussan Property Group and is c urrently the National President of the Property Council of Australia. Ms Schwartz is a Council Member of both the National Gallery of Australia and the Australian Ballet School and a Board Member of both the Docklands Authority and the Australian International Health Institute. Previously Ms Schwartz has held a range of appointments including the Federal Government's Public Lending Rights Steering Committee.


Professor Peter Tannock


Professor Peter Tannock is Vice Chancellor of the University of Notre Dame Australia and is Chairman of the National Catholic Education Commission of Australia. Professor Tannock has a long association with the education sector and was previously Chairman of the Commonwealth Schools Commission. Professor Tannock has held a broad range of other professional appointments including membership of the Commonwealth Treasurer's Tax Consultative Committee.



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