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$2.4 million for natural resource management in south east Qld.

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$2.4 million for natural resource management in south east Qld

A $2.4 million plan to protect and enhance the natural resources and productive lands and seas of south east Queensland was launched today by the Minister for Fisheries, Forestry and Conservation, Senator Ian Macdonald.

Speaking at the launch, Senator Macdonald said the plan was put together in less than two years by the Natural Resource Management - South East Queensland group (NRMSEQ), and given approval by the Australian and Queensland Governments.

"The plan focuses on restoring and protecting areas with high natural values," he said.

"Support will be provided for industries, such as the livestock and forest industries, with best practice information and resources to deliver improved sustainable on-ground outcomes."

Senator Macdonald said NRMSEQ would also provide information on soil, erosion, salinity and acid sulphate soils, and it will foster greater participation by Traditional Owners, and encourage the community to take part in activities such as water control and shore bird monitoring.

The plan calls for works to eradicate pests and control weeds; it will protect habitats and threatened species and improve agricultural activity. Agricultural weeds, like parthenium and lantana, and coastal weeds, like bitou bush and boneseed, will be targeted.

Senator Macdonald also announced $1 million in funding for research and control of lyngbya in Moreton Bay, to be administered by NRMSEQ in collaboration with the Healthy Waterways Partnership.

Lyngbya forms dense mats over the sea floor smothering sea grass beds putting habitat for young fish and prawns, as well as turtles and dugongs, at risk. Seagrass beds also provide important feeding grounds for birds.

During the launch, Senator Macdonald thanked all of the community groups and individuals which had contributed to the plan, as well as all of the people who would be involved in the hard work to ensure the plan was carried out.

DAFF05/104M 3 June 2005

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