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Kemp runs from regional youth unemployment.

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Member for Batman


August 27, 1998




The Minister for Employment, Dr Kemp, is busy spruiking on radio this morning trying to deny the tragic reality of youth unemployment with t he big lie that Labor has ‘manufactured’ youth unemployment data, the Shadow Minister for Employment, Martin Ferguson, said today.


“Dr Kemp fought hard to become Minister for Employment — first as the Shadow Minister in the lead up to the 1996 election, and then he pushed and shoved from his junior job, second to Amanda Vanstone, to get the top post.... but when he got the job it seems he didn’t know what to do in the position.


Unemployment is on the rise. Youth unemployment is higher than at the time of the 1996 election and long-term unemployment is rising.


Dr Kemp whinged when he was in Opposition and now it seems he is whingeing when he is in Government — because in Government, as in Opposition, he finds he is equally ineffective in the serious battle against unemployment,” Mr Ferguson said.


“Dr Kemp has appeared on Melbourne radio’s 3L0 this morning claiming the youth unemployment figures released by my office earlier this week were manufactured by a Labor consultant.


“The regional data we released were the same figures that Dr Kemp used when he was the Opposition spokesperson on employment — ABS data provided through the Parliamentary Library.


“In Opposition Dr Kemp said: these statistics are an essential contribution to public debate about the level of youth unemployment in Australia today. ” (October 18, 1995). Dr Kemp went on to comment: the censorship of these statistics is totally unacceptable ."


In January 1996 — just weeks before the Federal election was called — Dr Kemp again released updates of these same figures noting: These latest figures. based on ABS data, have been calculated by the Parliamentary Library . (January 30,1996)


Dr Kemp wants to deny the latest youth unemployment figures because they show Prime Minister Howard in a bad light — after all he told Australia in the 1996 election that fixing youth unemployment would be a number one priority for the Howard Government in this parliamentary term,” Mr Ferguson said.


Attached media releases from Dr Kemp as Shadow Minister.

Contact: Andrew Casey, Martin Ferguson’s office 02 6277 4899









David Kemp

Member for Goldstein

Shadow Minister for Employment, Training & Family Services


18 October 1995




Under questioning from the Opposi tion in Parliament today, Simon Crean completely failed to justify his censorship of regional youth unemployment statistics.


These statistics are an essential contribution to public debate about the level youth unemployment in Australia today.


The censorship of these statistics is totally unacceptable.


Publication has ceased because the government is embarrassed by what they show.


It is because of figures like 65 per cent youth unemployment in North-Western Melbourne, 36 per cent in Inner Sydney, 45 per cent in Southern Adelaide and 42 per cent in the Wide Bay-Burnett region that the Department is no longer publishing the data.


Until August the Department of Employment, Education and Training published the ABS regional youth unemployment statistics, averaged over the preceding three months, in “Australian Regional Labour Markets”.


Does Simon Crean seriously expect anyone to believe that his Department would cease publication of the statistics without reference to and approval from him?


Simon Crean must direct the Department of Employment, Education and Training to resume publication of these figures.


Further information: Kate Harvey 06 277 2037






David Kemp

Member for Goldstein

Shadow Minister for Employment, Training & Family Services


30 January 1996




New youth unemployment figures released by the Opposition today show that teenage unemployment is shockingly high in many parts of regional Australia and in parts of Sydney and Melb ourne.


In inner Melbourne over 45 per cert of teenagers looking for a full-time job are unemployed, on the Mornington Peninsula the figure Is 44 per cent, in the Wide Bay- Burnett area of Oueensland 44 per cent, in Adelaide over 40 per cent, in the Illawarra reg ion 33 per cent, and in the Richmond-Tweed/Mid North Coast region over 50 per cent.


These shocking figures reveal why 80 many young Australians are in despair as a result of Labor’s failure to create enough real jobs.


These are the figures which Labor has tried to suppress. In August Simon Crean directed his Department to cease publishing the figures.


These latest figures, based on ABS data, have bean calculated by the Parliamentary Library.


These figures emphasise the massive failure of the Keating Government to help young Australians get jobs.


Paul Keating has betrayed generation of young Australians, and speeding up his training merry-go round will do nothing to create a single new real job.


Further information: Kate Harvey (03) 9557 4644