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Indigenous Heritage Art Award: be in it.

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10 NOVEMBER 1999


Indigenous Heritage Art Award - be in it


ATSIC is urging Indigenous artists around Australia to enter their work in the prestigious National Indigenous Heritage Art Award to be held in the Year 2000.


ATSIC’s Com missioner for Broadcasting, Culture and the Arts, Ian Delaney, said that every work submitted to the Indigenous Heritage Award will help document, protect and promote knowledge, understanding and respect for our cultural heritage and important places.


“By putting in an entry, Indigenous artists may help get important places listed on the national heritage register.”


Commissioner Delaney said ATSIC strongly supports the award and resultant exhibition because it was set up by the Australian Heritage Commission to encourage appreciation of Indigenous heritage places.


“This award is unique, because unlike other Indigenous art prizes, it required works to depict indigenous heritage places.


“With more than $44,000 in prizes on offer, the award, now in its fifth year, is prestigious and a major event on the Australian am calendar.”


Former winners include prominent and highly acclaimed contemporary artists, Ginger Riley Munduwalawala (Arnhem Land, Northern Territory); the late Lin Onus (Upwey, Victoria); Treahna Hamm (Wagga Wagga, New South Wales) and Tjaparti Bates (Warmun, Western Australia).


Commissioner Delaney said a special Reconciliation Prize is being included in the Award this year. Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists will be able to jointly submit works created together. It is the first time any categories m the Award have been open to non-Indigenous artists.


Commissioner Delaney welcomed the new Reconciliation category and prize: “our heritage places have always been important to our people, but they are now widely sew as being important to many non-indigenous Australian, too”.


The closing date for submissions is 5pm 31 March 2000.


Winners will be announced in August 2000. Selected works will he shown in The Art of Place Exhibition at Old Parliament House, opening m 17 August 2000 in Canberra. The exhibition rum until 22 October.


A selection of works may also tour to Sydney and other parts of Australia.


Entry forms and information are available from the Art Award Co-ordinator. Australian Heritage Commission on toll free number 1800 687 093.


Media enquiries; ATSIC Commissioner Ian Delaney, mobile 0419 418 336 Jane Morrison, Australian Heritage Commission (02) 6274 2170.



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