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Howard misses jobs target, unemployed miss jobs.

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Monday, September 9, 2002


The latest ANZ job ads survey has confirmed Howard Government employment forecasts are out by almost 30 per cent and the job outlook for the unemployed is grim.

ANZ senior economist Melanie Hay said likely employment growth was insufficient to meet Budget forecasts of a 1.75 per cent growth rate. Ms Hay said employment growth could fall short of the target.

Deputy Labor Leader Jenny Macklin said the result meant the outlook for more than 600,000 unemployed Australians, already gloomy following the loss of almost 86,000 full-time jobs in two months, has gotten worse.

The ANZ job ads survey has found that, despite a minor increase in newspaper job advertisements last month, the prospects for those looking for work remain tough.

The survey found that a small 0.2 per cent increase in newspaper job ads in August was not enough to offset declines in the preceding three months.

Ms Macklin said economic growth was failing to deliver jobs.

Ms Macklin said that in July there was a 0.5 per cent drop in the participation rate, the largest fall in nine years. Simultaneously, the government had overseen a massive slow-down in the creation of full-time work.

Between 1993 and 1996 almost 60 per cent of jobs created were full-time, but under the Howard Government that figure has slumped to 38.2 per cent.

“This government is unable to translate economic growth into the jobs people can live on. It can’t meet the targets it has set itself, and unemployed Australians are being left to languish,” Ms Macklin said.

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