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GST fuel windfall should be used to combat petrol sniffing.

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15 August 2005

GST fuel windfall should be used to combat petrol sniffing

Senator Brown, 13th August 2005

Abbott must withdraw outrageous comments - Brown

Greens Senator Bob Brown says that just 1% of the fuel tax windfall going to the Federal Government would be enough to put non sniffable 'Opal' fuel into the entire Central Australian desert region.

"$8-10 million per annum is all that is required to put non sniffable Opal petrol through central Australia," Senator Brown said.

"The Government's claim that it is 'just not realistic'to have a full roll out of Opal fuel in central Australia is specious when Treasury is set to receive this $1B fuel tax windfall because of higher petrol prices.

"Petrol sniffing is a national scandal and the government's reticence to act is not acceptable. This is about hundreds of aboriginal children and young people. If it were happening in Sydney or Melbourne there would be melt down.

"I will introduce legislation into the Senate next week to show the Government what can be done.

"Tony Abbott's criticism of 'people hell bent on self destruction' is outrageous and should be retracted immediately," Senator Brown said.

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