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Family First prefers ugly redneck.

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Senator Lyn Allison Parliamentary Leader and Democrats Senator for Victoria

Dated: 12 November 2007 Portfolio: Accountability

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FAMILY FIRST PREFERS UGLY REDNECK Australians should be alarmed that Family First and Pauline Hanson have struck a preference deal which has the potential to bring back the founder of One Nation into our Federal Parliament.

"The ugly face of redneck discrimination is set to make a comeback into the Federal Parliament if Pauline Hanson is returned courtesy of a grubby preference deal with Steve Fielding and Pauline Hanson's mates in Family First", Democrats Leader, Senator Lyn Allison said today.

Senator Allison made the comments following the launch of Yearning to Breathe Free: Seeking Asylum in Australia, to which the Senator contributed, which outlines the harrowing accounts of refugees who have sought help from Australia while trying to flee despotic regimes.

"These people fled appalling conditions in homelands torn apart by war and dictators and in many cases our only response was to imprison them and their children. But persecuting the most vulnerable became a mantra of Pauline Hanson’s brief time in politics and if a comeback is on it will be aided and abetted by Family First”.

“This is either political expediency at its worst by Family First or evidence of the true colours of the party. Neither option points to a party capable of using the balance of power responsibly and I think this dirty deal will alarm many Australians”.

“Mr Fielding needs to make his mind up whether or not families count if their skin is not white, because Ms Hanson certainly doesn’t appear to believe so and that’s where a vote for Family First may end up come November 24.

“Australia’s reputation has already been tarnished over the past decade by our treatment of refugees without a return of Ms Hanson who rather then help lead our country to become more tolerant and understanding will take us down the narrow path of division and racism”.

“I for one don’t want that sort of future for our country so I call on Australians to think carefully about where your vote is really going if you vote for Family First at this election, said Senator Allison.

Printed: 12 November 2007

Authorised by: Heather Jeffcoat, 711 South Road, Black Forest, SA 5035.

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