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Appointment of Shadow Ministry.

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10 December 2006

Today I have appointed a new Shadow Ministry to drive Labor’s new policy agenda for the 2007 Federal Election.

My team reflects the strong policy agenda I intend to take forward to the Australian people - building long-term economic prosperity; maintaining fairness in the workplace; advancing fairness beyond the workplace in critical areas including education and health; dealing with climate change and the water crisis; a new response to the blame game between the Commonwealth and the States by reforming the Federation; and a tough stand on national security.

The Australian people will now have a clear choice.

Deputy Labor Leader Julia Gillard will head up a new portfolio of Employment and Industrial Relations, and Social Inclusion.

In this new role Julia will drive Labor’s agenda for a fair go at work and beyond, ensuring social fairness is at the centre of policy decisions across Government.

Peter Garrett is highly qualified to take on the vitally important role of Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Heritage. Labor intends to make a difference on Climate Change. Peter will maintain responsibility for the Arts.

I have also appointed Anthony Albanese as Shadow Minister for Water and Infrastructure. Labor intends to release a positive plan responding to the nation’s deepening water crisis. Anthony will also serve as Manager of Opposition Business.

Wayne Swan will lead Labor’s strong economic team, retaining the Treasury Portfolio. Lindsay Tanner retains the critical Finance portfolio. Labor will develop an economic strategy to build this nation’s long-term prosperity.

Labor believes our resources and energy sector remains essential to Australia’s long-term economic future. This demands high-level Shadow Ministerial representation. That’s why I have appointed Labor’s Senate Leader, Chris Evans, as Shadow Minister for National Development, Resources and Energy.

As important as the resources boom has been, we need to broaden Australia’s economic base. Simon Crean takes on the Trade portfolio - an area central to Australia’s long-term economic performance given the poor performance of Australian exports over the last five years.

Bob McMullan will take on the new portfolio of Federal-State relations and will oversee the development of Labor’s Federalism reform program. Both Simon and Bob bring great ministerial experience to bear in these important new tasks for Labor.

I have indicated already that I intend to take a new approach to industry and manufacturing policy. Kim Carr now has responsibility for developing an alternative manufacturing policy for Labor in his new capacity as Shadow Minister for Industry, Innovation, Science and Research.

As part of Labor’s economic team, Nick Sherry retains responsibility for Superannuation and Intergenerational Finance.

Two further additions to the front bench will also be part of the economic team. Craig Emerson has been appointed Shadow Minister for the Service Economy, Small Business and Independent Contractors. The pattern of employment in Australia has changed and Labor intends to develop policies which help the hundreds of thousands of Australians who were once paid employees but are now self-employed.

Chris Bowen will serve as Assistant Treasurer, Shadow Minister for Revenue and Competition Policy and brings fresh new talent to Labor’s economic team.

Other members of Labor’s economic team are Stephen Conroy (Communications and Information Technology), Martin Ferguson (Transport, Roads and Tourism), Kerry O’Brien (Primary Industries, Fisheries and Forestry) and Penny Wong (Workforce Participation and Corporate Governance and Responsibility with the additional portfolio of Public Administration and Accountability).

Labor’s message for the next election will be about both fairness in the workplace and fairness beyond the workplace. That means that Labor’s frontbench team in social policy is critical.

Jenny Macklin, with her formidable Shadow Ministerial and policy development experience, takes on the important portfolio of Families and Community Services including Indigenous Affairs and Reconciliation.

Stephen Smith becomes Labor’s new Shadow Minister for Education and Training. For Labor, education is the engine room of equity and the engine room of the economy. This is a critical battleground for Labor.

Nicola Roxon, having served effectively as Labor’s Shadow Attorney General, now takes on the multi-billion dollar Health portfolio. The ageing of the population and the spiralling costs of healthcare make this an important area for

long-term reform - including the reform of Commonwealth-State relations across the broader health sector. Jan McLucas retains the portfolio of Ageing, Disabilities and Carers. Kate Lundy retains Sport and Recreation and gains the additional responsibilities of Local Government and Health Promotion.

Tanya Plibersek takes on the major portfolio of Human Services, responsible for tens of billions of dollars of public expenditure through the Centrelink and Medicare systems, together with Housing, Youth and Women.

National Security is fundamental for Labor. It has also been near and dear to my heart over the past five years that I have occupied the Foreign Policy portfolio.

Robert McClelland, former Shadow Attorney General, Shadow Minister for Homeland Security and Shadow Minister for Defence, will now deploy his considerable experience across a range of national security portfolios to become Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Joel Fitzgibbon takes on Defence and will be responsible for the proper deployment of Australia’s limited defence capabilities, given the rolling crises within our own region as well as tackling the waste and mismanagement which has become rampant across the Defence portfolio.

Arch Bevis continues as Shadow Minister for Homeland Security and takes on the additional responsibility for Territories.

Kelvin Thomson is promoted to become Shadow Attorney General and Deputy Manager of Opposition Business. Joseph Ludwig retains the Shadow Ministry of Justice and Customs as well as remaining Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate.

Tony Burke’s responsibilities have been widened as he now becomes Shadow Minister for Immigration, Integration and Citizenship. Laurie Ferguson also has

increased responsibilities becoming Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Urban Development and Consumer Affairs.

Alan Griffin retains responsibility for Veterans’Affairs and Special Minister of State but additionally becomes responsible for Defence, Science and Personnel.

Today I have announced a front bench of 31 members. This is because Senator Mark Bishop has indicated to me that he will not be recontesting the next Federal Election and is therefore not seeking a Shadow Ministerial appointment. At this stage, I intend to maintain a Shadow Ministry of 31.

Labor’s team for the 2007 Federal Election represents a strong team for the economy; a strong team for fairness; a strong team for climate change and water; a team focussed on fixing the Federation; and a hardline team on national security.

Now the work begins.


10 December 2006

Media Contact: Fiona Sugden 0422 880 737

Shadow Ministry 10th December 2006.

Portfolio Shadow Minister

Leader Kevin Rudd

Deputy Leader Employment & Industrial Relations Social Inclusion

Julia Gillard

Leader in the Senate National Development, Resources & Energy Senator Chris Evans Deputy Leader in the Senate Communications & Information Technology

Senator Stephen Conroy

Water & Infrastructure Manager of Opposition Business

Anthony Albanese

Homeland Security Territories

Arch Bevis

Assistant Treasurer Revenue & Competition Policy

Chris Bowen

Immigration, Integration & Citizenship Tony Burke

Industry Innovation, Science & Research

Senator Kim Carr

Trade & Regional Development Simon Crean

Service Economy, Small Business & Independent Contractors Craig Emerson Multicultural Affairs, Urban Development & Consumer Affairs

Laurie Ferguson

Transport, Roads & Tourism Martin Ferguson

Defence Joel Fitzgibbon

Climate Change, Environment & Heritage Arts Peter Garrett Veterans Affairs Defence Science & Personnel Special Minister of State

Alan Griffin

Justice & Customs Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate Senator Joseph Ludwig Local Government Sport, Recreation & Health Promotion

Senator Kate Lundy

Families & Community Services Indigenous Affairs & Reconciliation

Jenny Macklin

Foreign Affairs Robert McClelland

Ageing, Disabilities & Carers Senator Jan McLucas

Federal/State Relations International Development Assistance Bob McMullan Primary Industries, Fisheries & Forestry Senator Kerry O’Brien Human Services, Housing, Youth and Women Tanya Plibersek Health Nicola Roxon

Superannuation & Intergenerational Finance, Banking & Financial Services Senator Nick Sherry

Education & Training Stephen Smith

Treasurer Wayne Swan

Finance Lindsay Tanner

Attorney General Deputy Manager of Opposition Business Kelvin Thomson Public Administration & Accountability Corporate Governance & Responsibility Workforce Participation

Senator Penny Wong

Parliamentary Secretaries

Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs

Anthony Byrne

Parliamentary Secretary for Defence & Veteran Affairs

Graham Edwards

Parliamentary Secretary for Environment & Heritage

Jennie George

Parliamentary Secretary for Treasury

Catherine King

Parliamentary Secretary for Education Kirsten Livermore

Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the Opposition

John Murphy

Parliamentary Secretary for Industrial Relations

Brendan O’Connor

Parliamentary Secretary for Industry & Innovation

Bernie Ripoll

Parliamentary Secretary for Northern Australia & Indigenous Affairs Warren Snowdon Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the Opposition (Social and Community Affairs)

Senator Ursula Stephens

Chief Opposition Whip Roger Price Senate Whip Sen George


Whip in the House of Reps Jill Hall Deputy Sen


Sen Linda Kirk

Whip in the house of Reps Michael Danby Deputy Sen


Sen Ruth Webber