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Kemp cuts research training places: UWS savaged.

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ROGER PRICE MP Federal Member for Chifley


The Howard Government has seriously damaged Australia’s future by abolishing more than one in every eight research training places at Australian universities claimed Federal Member for Chifley, Roger Price.

Figures from Dr Kemp’s own department show that there were 24,980 research training places in 2000 and Dr Kemp’s press release confirms there will only be “more than 21,600” (21,644 in fact) in 2001 - a decline of 3,336 places or 13%.

This means there will be fewer training places for students doing PhDs in vital areas like IT, biotechnology and environmental science.

The University of Western Sydney has been savaged with a reduction of 50%, with a reduction from 687places in 2000 to346 in 2001. It is the second highest cut back both in percentage terms and numerically.

This is a tragedy for Western Sydney and especially for our gifted and talented young students.

I am proud of UWS. I don’t understand why the Howard government dislikes it so much and singles it out for such consistent savage treatment.

Dr Kemp’s attack will reduce the number of research PhD students at Australia’s seven ‘UniTech’ universities by 1,113 places or 29%.

It will also reduce the number of research training places at regional universities by 800 places or 17%.

How can Australia possibly move towards being a Knowledge Nation when the Howard Government is making such savage cuts to our research capabilities?

Labor has already pledged to restore 400 of these lost places to regional universities and campuses and is considering further policies to repair the damage of the Howard years, within the constraints of the Budget.

8 August 2001

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