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Bailey office in Gisborne a political stunt.

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Bailey office in Gisborne a political stunt MEDIA RELEASE 18 February 2004

The opening of an office in Gisborne by Fran Bailey, the Member for McEwen, is little more than a self-serving political stunt and an affront to the electors of McEwen who receive little assistance from their elected Member of Parliament, said Brendan O’Connor this week.

"McEwen’s electorate office is in Healesville. Voters in Seymour, Diamond Creek, South Morang, Kilmore, and Wallan - some of the biggest regional centres in the electorate - have never had an office in their area, even though they elected her.

"Gisborne is outside her electoral boundary and its residents already have a federal representative, but Ms Bailey claims she will speak up for their interests in parliament, despite all evidence to the contrary."

"Ms Bailey says the office is intended to make it easier for her to deal with the issues and people she hopes to represent after the next election. Well, those people had better hope Fran Bailey dramatically improves her performance and actually speaks up for them once in a while if she is elected.

"The present voters of McEwen were lucky enough to be mentioned only a handful of times over a whole parliamentary year in 2003. Why should the people of Gisborne think that they will be treated any better if they elect Fran Bailey"?

This statement has followed a recent announcement that Ms Bailey was opening an office in the heart of Gisborne, outside her electorate and only metres from the office of state Member for Macedon Joanne Duncan, and a ten minute drive from Brendan O’Connor’s office, the elected Member for Burke.