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Budget delivers for outer East and Yarra Valley.

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Tony Smith MP Federal Member for Casey



Budget Delivers For Outer East and Yarra Valley

The Federal Budget delivers on the key priorities for our local area; economic responsibility, funding of key services, and a dividend for families.

By maintaining economic responsibility and keeping the budget in the black, the Federal Government continues to pay off Labor’s massive debt, which is keeping the pressure off interest rates and acting to protect jobs.

The continuation of low and stable interest rates is vital to Casey families and small businesses, and this budget aims to protect and preserve them.

Strong economic management has also enabled the Government to boost funding in areas of national importance such as defence and security and also pay to assist and alleviate the worst drought in our nation’s history.

And by balancing the priorities and maintaining responsible management, the Federal Government has also been able to return a modest income tax dividend to Casey families, which will ensure that every taxpayer receives a tax cut.

Our approach is in stark contrast to the Bracks Labor Government.

The Howard Government keeps its promises, funds them, delivers them and reduces taxes where it can.

The Bracks Government breaks its promises, fails to deliver projects and increases taxes at every opportunity.

In contrast to State Labor’s Budget of broken promises, the Federal Budget fully meets the Government’s commitment to fund its share of the Scoresby Freeway. Construction can commence as soon as the Victorian Government reverses its decision to impose tolls.

I call on the State Labor Government to abandon its deceitful Scoresby backflip, reverse its decision to impose tolls and get on with the job of building the Freeway.

14 May, 2003