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Aboriginal crisis is Australia's hurricane Katrina.

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Australian Greens Senator for Western Australia

Aboriginal crisis is Australia's hurricane Katrina

27th Jun 07

"John Howard may have admitted a little more than he intended when he

described the Federal Government's plan to intervene in Aboriginal

communities as "Australia's hurricane Katrina," said Senator Rachel Siewert


"The US had been warned for years that it was facing a serious threat, but

wasn't willing to put resources into fixing the problems with New Orleans

flood protection system.

"Bureaucratic inertia and penny pinching led to a tragic catastrophe that could

easily have been avoided," said Senator Siewert.

"When tragedy finally stuck the response was slow in coming and badly

coordinated. People were left without food, shelter and medical aid, and the

army were sent in to stop looting and restore order."

"Hurricane Katrina taught the US the consequences of ignoring the experts

and the false-economy of failing to invest in infrastructure

"The end result was a Billion dollar bill and an entirely avoidable human

tragedy on a massive scale."

"Yes, Prime Minister, this is our hurricane Katrina."