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Recognition of the contribution of rural women

Recognition Of The Contribution Of Rural Women


Martin Ferguson - Shadow Minister for Regional Development


Media Statement - 8 March 2000


International Women's Day today is an opportunity to recognise the contribution of women in regional and rural communities to the nation's wellbeing, Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Martin Ferguson, said today.


"Regional and rural women make invaluable contributions to our communities, but these contributions are often overlooked or understated.


"Today is an opportunity to recognise the resilience and determination of women in these communities over many decades.


"The major structural changes in agricultural and regional industries will present new challenges for these women, their families and their communities.


"Today I had the pleasure of talking with representatives from Australian Women in Agriculture, who identified a number of concerns including education, the expansion of information technology, and opposition to any further sale of Telstra.


"They told me that women are providing critical leadership roles in the debates that affect rural and regional communities, but that more women must be encouraged to get involved in these debates.


"In particular, organisations such as the National Farmers' Federation, and regional boards and bodies, need to ensure that women receive greater representation.


"But it is about more than simply positions on boards, it is about recognising the true contributions of the past and present, and the potential contribution women can make in the years ahead."


Authorised by Gary Gray, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.