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Melbourne: transcript of doorstop: counter-terrorism advertising campaign.

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Transcript Jenny MacklinMP

Acting Leader of the Opposition

Shadow Minister for Employment, Education, Training & Science Federal Member for Jagajaga



Subjects: Counter-terrorism advertising campaign

MACKLIN: The government is spending $15 million on this advertising campaign and, from what we’ve seen today, there’s no practical or useful information in it whatsoever.

JOURNALIST: What alternatives would you put forward (inaudible)?

MACKLIN: The government said that they would be providing useful information. These ads do not provide any useful information at all.

JOURNALIST: Do you agree with the concept of actually producing ads along that line?

MACKLIN: If the ads were going to provide useful information it may have been a good idea. But what we see today is that $15 million is being spent to provide no useful information to the public at all.

JOURNALIST: What useful information do you think they should include?

MACKLIN: That’s a matter for the government to present, of course, if they think that these ads are necessary. But what is quite clear is that there’s nothing practical in the ads that we’ve seen.

JOURNALIST: Are you angry that you weren’t consulted before these ads were produced?

MACKLIN: It is very disappointing. The Opposition wrote to Mr Howard asking to be consulted. We didn’t even receive a response.

JOURNALIST: Do you think there’s any chance the ads will work?

MACKLIN: Well, there’s nothing practical or useful. A lot of people will be ringing up with what they hope might be information but they have no knowledge as to whether or not what they provide will be able to be put to any practical use.

JOURNALIST: Do you think a number of the networks will be alienated because a Channel Nine personality is being used in the ads?

MACKLIN: That’s a matter for the other channels.

JOURNALIST: Do you think we would be better off without the ads at all (inaudible)?

MACKLIN: There’s always the need for the public to be provided with information. There’s no practical information in these ads. There’s also nothing useful in the advertising giving people a lead as to what they should be looking out for.

JOURNALIST: You say $15 million is too much. What would have been an appropriate amount?

MACKLIN: Fifteen million dollars is an enormous amount of money for ads that really don’t provide any practical information.

JOURNALIST: Do you think the ads are just scaremongering then?

MACKLIN: No. They are not scaremongering. They are just ads that really don’t take us any further.

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