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Disappointing that Lundy chooses to play politics with young people.

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Media Release


Members of the Youth Roundtable from 1999 and 2000 have been dedicated to the task of providing advice to government, consulting widely with young people in their communities to investigate issues of concern to them.

Senator Lundy’s claim in her press release yesterday that the Government is suppressing the work of these young people is utter nonsense. It is a shame Senator Lundy has chosen to play politics with the dedication and hard work of these young members as they come together to meet in Canberra this week.

At the final meeting of Youth Roundtable 1999, the presentations of findings and recommendations to Government were conducted by members themselves in a public forum, covered by the media and attended by Senator Lundy and a number of her Labor colleagues. The complete work of the 50 young people was compiled into a single document and presented to the Government for consideration in future policy decisions.

Senator Lundy contacted this office to inquire about the status of this document for the first time late on Friday afternoon. She had made no inquiries before this time. Her office was not told that a copy couldn’t be made available. They were advised that as yet, the document had not been circulated publicly. One can only conclude that the Senator’s inquiry was made solely for the purpose of generating a press release. If Senator Lundy was

really interested in the advice in the document, why hadn’t she inquired about it earlier ?

It is disappointing that the Senator would choose to dampen the presentation sessions of this year’s Roundtable with baseless accusations about the regard the Government gives to the outcomes of members’ work.

The Government does not view the Youth Roundtable as a partisan forum and a large amount of information about the outcomes of Youth Roundtable 1999 has been circulated to all Members of Parliament and Senators.

The document that Senator Lundy refers to was presented as advice to Government and as such, was not circulated publicly. Summaries of the work, presented by the young people themselves, were conducted in a public forum last year and covered by the media.

Members of the Youth Roundtable have worked hard on their Community Action Projects and are preparing to present the findings of their work to the Government on Wednesday. They have impressed Ministers with the quality of their projects and the level of involvement that their communities have had in their work.

This Government welcomes the advice of these young people and is disappointed that Senator Lundy would attempt to cloud their success with political mudslinging.

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