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Latham's brave new world.

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July 1 2004

Latham’s brave new world

Labor Leader Mark Latham’s chaotic cut and run policy on Iraq has taken another wild and irresponsible turn.

Mr Latham now says all foreign troops, not just Australians, should cut and run.

On Channel Nine this morning Mr Latham said:

“…it’s a point I’ve been making for some time, that a lot of the violence in Iraq is obviously uprising against the reality or perception of foreign occupation and if you reduce or eliminate that foreign occupation you eliminate a lot of the violence…”

Is Mr Latham really saying that just two days after regaining sovereignty Iraq is capable of providing all of its own security?

Does Mr Latham really believe the terrorists will drop their fight against peace, democracy and civilisation just because foreign troops leave?

Does Mr Latham believe the important work being carried out by Coalition troops, including Australians, training the new Iraqi security forces is done?

Mr Latham still has not had a briefing on the role of our troops in Iraq. Under his 2UE troops policy, he would be withdrawing Australia’s troops this week because the occupation is over.

Now he says all foreign troops should cut and run.

Mr Latham needs to outline a detailed policy on Iraq. His inexperience is creating confusion and concern.

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