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Nairn supports legislation restricting illegal immigration.

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Gary Nairn MP Federal Member for Eden-Monaro PO Box 232, Queanbeyan NSW 2620 Tollfree NSW 1800 041 539 Ph: (02) 6297 3952 Fax: (02) 6297 5768

Press Release Ref: 481 Published: 29/8/2001 Title: Nairn supports legislation restricting illegal immigration

The Federal Member for Eden-Monaro, Gary Nairn, yesterday supported the Minister for Immigration, Philip Ruddock, who introduced legislation in an effort to reduce the burden on our current refugee protection arrangements.

He also strongly supports the Federal Government’s landing denial of the Norwegian vessel currently off Christmas Island with over 400 illegal immigrants aboard.

“This legislation will address two important issues:

1. It will firstly address the current influx of illegal immigrants arriving through sophisticated people smuggling schemes. The vast majority of these people are almost “coached” through the immigration procedure before they arrive to maximise their chances of being deemed a refugee. This includes the disposal of identification which would correctly identify them as not being refugees.

2. It will also address the increasingly broad interpretation given by the Courts to Australia’s international obligations. Now, under current common law created by the Courts, the Courts are providing protection visas in cases that fall well beyond the scope of what Parliament, and our international agreements, originally intended. In short, people are being permitted entry, where strictly they should not.

“Without this legislative change the effect has been to create the international impression that Australia is a “soft target” for illegal immigrants.

The Government continues to appreciate the fact that there are genuine refugees who flee in fear of their lives, from political or personal persecution.

“The aim of this legislation is to create a system more exact in its sifting of the genuine versus the non-genuine applicants. Australia has an international reputation for our respect for human rights, and this legislation will make us more capable of being able to assist those who are genuinely in reed of refuge,” concluded Mr Nairn.