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Slow reader Minister needs to focus on his job

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Warren Truss Leader of The Nationals Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Local Government Federal Member for Wide Bay


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3 June 2008

Slow reader Minister needs to focus on his job

When asked today what he had been doing for regional areas since the November election, the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government said he had spent the entire time reading a government report.

Questioned about Labor’s decision to kill off and then revive support for dozens of regional programs, a clearly rattled Mr Albanese said he had spent the past six months reading the Audit Office’s report into the Regional Partnerships program.

“Mr Albanese told Parliament today that he had spent all that time reading the 1200 page report,” said the Leader of The Nationals, Warren Truss. “Don’t take my word for it - his comments can be checked in Hansard.

“This works out at a reading pace of just over six pages a day.

“Given Mr Albanese’s tendency to fund new projects in his own electorate, perhaps he should develop a speed-reading program that he can enrol in.

“The debacle of Labor’s shilly-shallying on the future of these important local projects, and stunning reports today that 90 percent of Labor’s Better Regions program funding will go to seats held by Labor, prove that Mr Albanese has lost all focus in his critically important portfolio,” Mr Truss said.

“I ask again: what exactly has the Minister achieved over the past six months?”