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Facts belie Labor.

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Media Release


Hon Judi Moylan MP

Minister for the Status of Women


Thursday, September 24, 1998




The Minister for the Status of Women, Judi Moylan, today again challenged the Labor Party to start using fact not fiction in its campaign .


“Kim Beazley has no choice but to concede that there is not one shred of evidence to support his claim on AM this morning that women are being forced out of the workforce,” Mrs Moylan said.


Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show that the workforce participation rate for women with children under the age of 15 has remained relatively steady at around 59% since March 1995.


ABS figures also show that more women are now in the paid workforce than at the time the ALP lost office in 1996.


“Since March 1996, the female workforce participation rate has increased from 53.6% to 54.3%,” Mrs Moylan said.


61% or 192,000 of the 317,000 jobs created have gone to women.


In the past 12 months, 222,400 jobs have been created and 62% or 138,500 have gone to women. Of those 54% are full time jobs.


On AM Mr Beazley said “Women took a decision in the seventies and eighties that they wanted to join the work force and good on them. That was their decision and they ‘re entirely entitled to make that. If they had not made that decision ... the unemployment level in this country would have been 4%.”


“Mr Beazley can’t get out of it that easily by trying to blame his party’s poor employment record in government on women participating in the workforce,” Mrs Moylan said.


“Mr Beazley demonstrated Labor’s lack of commitment to real policies for women at yesterday’s campaign launch when he failed to mention women once,” she said.


“The only place where it appears that women are being forced out, is in the Labor Party itself. First in pre-selection processes and then in policy development,” she said.


“It’s little wonder that the women of Labor are finding the going tough. Australian women certainly do deserve better than Labor is prepared to give them,” Mrs Moylan said.


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