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Greens mobilise politicians in support of women's reproductive rights.

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Kerry Nettle, Senator for New South Wales

Greens mobilise politicians in support of women's reproductive rights

1st Feb 05

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle has sought support to establish a 'Parliamentarians for Women's' Reproductive Rights' group in response to growing activism from anti-abortion MPs. "I have contacted Senators and MPs from all parties to seek support for the establishment of a Parliamentarians for Women's' Reproductive Rights group to help educate MPs in the medical and societal benefits that current laws deliver," Senator Nettle said. "Early feedback has been encouraging, indicating that any moves to roll back abortion rights will meet stern resistance from across the political spectrum. "The Greens are concerned that the debate being raised by anti-abortion activists does not reflect the overwhelming acceptance of the status quo in the community. "There is no evidence that there is any crisis regarding the number or nature of abortions conducted in Australia. "Women's' rights to reproductive freedom including access to abortions has been hard won and it's important that the community remembers the bad old days before these rights were established when considering any change to current laws. "The parliamentary group will, we hope, hear from medical, social and legal experts to remind us of the massive societal benefit that appropriately managed access to abortion have delivered in Australia and overseas." Contact Jon Edwards - 0428 213 146