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Budget 2007: Intelligence and security initiatives.

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BUDGET 2007-08

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Tuesday, 8 May 2007 B06/2007


The Coalition Government is committed to enhancing the security of Australia and protecting its national interests against changes to Australia’s security environment and increased instability in our region.

Included in the Government’s 2007-08 Budget is additional funding for a range of initiatives that will strengthen Australia’s Defence intelligence and security capabilities to better protect Australia and advance its national interests.

The Budget measures include additional resources to enhance:

• Australia’s signals intelligence capabilities, and

• the protection of the Australian Government’s communications and information systems.

These intelligence and security initiatives involve:

• an additional $307.2 million over ten years for improved intelligence collection, processing and dissemination capabilities; and

• an additional $75.0 million over ten years for the Defence Signals Directorate to increase the security and protection of Government communications and information systems by providing enhanced information security services and advice to Australian Government agencies.

This additional $382.2 million in funding to Defence to enhance intelligence and security capabilities demonstrates the Government’s continuing commitment to Australia’s national and international security requirements.

Supporting Information

Why is this important?

• The Government is committed to enhancing the security of Australia and its national interests.

• These initiatives provide enhanced capabilities for intelligence and security including counter-terrorism efforts, and increased protection of the Government’s information and communications systems.

Who will benefit?

• The Australian community through increased capabilities for counter-terrorism.

• Australian Government agencies and the Australian public, through the improved security of Government information and communications systems.

What funding is the Government committing to the initiative?

• The Government has committed a total of $382.2 million over ten years.

What have we done in the past?

• These decisions build on previous initiatives to develop counter-terrorism capabilities and enhance the protection of Government information systems.

When will the initiative conclude?

• These initiatives span ten years and will be periodically reviewed by Government.