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Bulldozers turned loose on the Burrup.

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Bulldozers turned loose on the Burrup

Senator Siewert, 28th February 2007

The besieged Western Australian Government has approved more damage to the Burrup Peninsula rock art province, even as confidence in the integrity of the approvals process in WA has sunk to an all time low.

"The Traditional Owners opposed development in this area. The Indigenous Affairs Minister's expert body, the Aboriginal Cultural Materials Committee, opposed development in this area," said Senator Rachel Siewert.

"But through sheer bloody-mindedness and refusal to consider alternate locations, Woodside has been given approvals to destroy the area."

"It is ironic that Woodside will have to 'provide a comprehensive cultural management plan' for the areas that have been spared from the bulldozers," said Senator Siewert. "This kind of Orwellian language would not be necessary if the Government was properly upholding its responsibilities to look after cultural heritage."

"The Western Australian Government is treating Aboriginal heritage with contempt," concluded Senator Siewert.

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