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Labor's plan for fairer petrol prices.

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Joel Fitzgibbon MP

Federal Member for Hunter

Shadow Minister for Small Business and Tourism


Labor’s Plan for Fairer Petrol Prices



Joel Fitzgibbon MP, the Shadow Minister for Small Business and Tourism, today announced that he would i ntroduce a Private Member’s Bill called Fair Prices and Better Access for All (Petroleum) Bill 1999 to the House of Representatives.


“The Bill seeks to address the lack of wholesale competition in the industry by giving service station franchisees the legislatively guaranteed right to shop around for up to 50% of their petrol,” said Mr Fitzgibbon.


“The measure will increase competition at the wholesale level, curtail the influence the oil majors have over retail prices, and produce lower retail prices for consumers.


“These days, both leaded and unleaded fuels are very much homogenous products and independent resellers already retail fuels from various sources.


“The Bill will also provide the ACCC with enforcement powers thus giving the resellers the protection from retribution they require.


“The Petroleum Retail Legislation Repeal Bill is still before the Senate and we are yet to see any finalised Oilcode. Unlike the Private Member’s Bill, the Repeal Bill does not address the market issues flowing from the vertical nature of the industry, including the lack of wholesale competition.


“The Government’s 1998 reforms have been a failure. Petrol prices remain a major issue both in the cities and in the bush - Labor’s plan will address many of the fundamental problems by allowing genuine competition at the wholesale level,” said Mr Fitzgibbon.


Mr Fitzgibbon called on the Howard Government to carefully consider Labor’s Plan for Fairer Petrol Prices.


Contact: Cassandra Gelade 02 6277 4404 or 0407 496 237


24 August 1999



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