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Respectful behaviour demanded at Gallipoli.

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Senator Mark Bishop Shadow Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Senator for Western Australia


Media Details: Senator Mark Bishop 0419 959 892 or Peter Reece 0414 677 441 Parliament House (02) 6277 3101

29th April 2002 ref:va.ms12/02


Australian backpackers travelling to Europe intent on paying homage at Gallipoli ought to resist the sales pitch of having a good time, and concentrate on the true purpose of ANZAC Day by demonstrating their respect, said Shadow Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Senator Mark Bishop today.

It is heart-warming to see the strong trend in the past 10 years whereby the younger generation of Australians, both adults and children, are demonstrating their appreciation to Australian veterans and their service.

The crowds at ANZAC Day services this year again show growing evidence of the respect felt within Australia for our service people, both past and present.

This is a very strong and healthy social phenomenon.

It is a pity that there seems to be a growing practice whereby some young Australians visiting Gallipoli see ANZAC Day dawn service as just another event on the tourist trail, rather than an occasion to honour the thousands of young Australians who gave their lives and helped forge a young nation’s identity.

Reports of loud music and drunken behaviour in the lead up to this year’s dawn service at Gallipoli runs counter to the very positive trend of remembrance and if tour operators are promoting Gallipoli as a good time then I ask them to think again.

Gallipoli is a very solemn and symbolic site for Australia. Let’s keep it that way by giving it the respect and dignity it commands.