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Howard and Rudd fail on childcare: let parents decide the best childcare for their kids.

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SF/199. Thursday October 4, 2007

HOWARD AND RUDD FAIL ON CHILDCARE Let Parents Decide the Best Childcare for their Kids

Treasurer Peter Costello has today been spruiking the Government's childcare funding system. That system has one major problem - it does not let parents choose the childcare they want for their kids.

"Parents who opt for childcare centres get preferential treatment and more money,” Family First leader Steve Fielding said today.

“What about parents who would prefer to have a grandparent, neighbour or friend care for their kids in their own homes? What about parents who want to care for children themselves? Why should they be worse off?

“Parents know what is best for their kids which is why Family First wants a new Childcare Payment of $4000 a year to be paid to ALL Australian families with children under five. Families would get $4000 every year until their children turn five."

The new Childcare Payment would replace the complex Childcare Tax Rebate.

Current System

Penalises parents who don't use childcare centres


ABC Learning Centres etc look after your child

Grandparent looks after your child Parents decide the childcare

THEY want

up to $4,000

� $4,000

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