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Police execute search warrants in WA.

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6 July 2007


As part of an ongoing investigation into the recent attack s in London and Glasgow, four search warrants have been executed in WA last night and today.

Attorney -General Philip Rud dock said the warrants were executed by the Australian Federal Police and West Australian Police Joint Counter -Terrorism Team.

In the course of the operation investigators have interviewed four men and a number of items have been taken by police for further examination. These i nclude telephones and laptop comp uters. No dangerous materials have been seized.

“The AFP and West Australian officers have been working in close cooperation over this matter,” Mr Rud d ock said.

“They are also liaising closely wit h other Australian author ities and the UK.

“It should be emphasised that a presumption of innocence exists in every police inquiry. No one has been arrested, charged or detained in relation to these enquiries.

“There is no suggestion of any threat to the people of WA and the Aus tralian Government has received no information which would result in an increased threat.

“As this is an ongoing investigation, it would be inappropriate to com ment further.”

The national terror alert remains at MEDIUM, as it has been since 2001.

If any member of the public has any information related to national security matters, they should call the National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400.

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