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'Pacific solution': the farce continues.

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JULIA GILLARD M.P. Shadow Minister for Population & Immigration



Minister Ruddock’s announcement that 42 refugees have come from Manus Island to Australia proves that the so-called Pacific Solution is a costly farce.

The Prime Minister and Minister Ruddock promised the Australian people that the so-called Pacific Solution would be a real solution and pledged these asylum seekers would never come to Australia.

Today’s announcement proves that the so-called Pacific Solution is an unsustainable fiasco with Australia still retaining responsibility for the asylum seekers involved.

After spending over $500 million all the Government has achieved is to delay the arrival of these asylum seekers from 2001 to 2002.

It is time the Howard Government ended this fiasco, told Australians the truth about its exorbitant cost and how many asylum seekers will end up in Australia.

The Government should work with Labor to find a lasting comprehensive solution to the asylum seeker issue - a solution that is both tough on border security and compassionate.

For further information contact: Julia Gillard on 0417 361 637 or Jamie Snashall, Adviser, on (02) 6277 4349 or 0408 419 699