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Opposition chaos on Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

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PW 1/09 19 January 2009 OPPOSITION CHAOS ON CARBON POLLUTION REDUCTION SCHEMEMinister for Climate Change and Water, Senator Penny Wong, today called on Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull to clarify his support for the Government‟s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.“Mr Turnbull is coming up with ideas for spending the revenue from the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme at a time when the Australian people have no idea whether the Coalition even supports efforts to reduce carbon pollution,” Senator Wong said. Mr Turnbull today called for an allocation of free permits to be provided to the low-emissions coal power generation ZeroGen project. “Free permits can only be provided if there is a scheme in place and Mr Turnbull must clarify whether his comments today mean the Coalition now supports the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme,” Senator Wong said. “Further, if the Coalition does support the scheme and proposes to provide more free permits to industry, Mr Turnbull must explain to the Australian people where that money will come from. “Providing more free permits to industry would leave less money to help households, pensioners and carers adjust to the impact of a carbon price.” The Rudd Government‟s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme household assistance package will provide around $6 billion a year to help Australians transition to a low pollution future. As recently as last week, senior Coalition members publicly rejected the importance of reducing Australia‟s carbon pollution - while at the same time Mr Turnbull stated that the Coalition would put forward „one voice‟ on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme legislation: “We work as a very close Coalition and I’ve no doubt that we will be responding to this legislation with one voice.” - Leader of the Opposition, Malcolm Turnbull - Launceston - 14 January 2009 "The view across the National Party is that the reasons put forward to justify an emissions trading scheme are just a load of rubbish … "Malcolm Turnbull will probably come on board with the ETS but that doesn't mean the National Party will support it." - Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce - The Australian - 14 January 2009 "I don't think Senator Joyce's remarks should be seen as anything more than an appropriate contribution to the debate on how the Coalition as a whole should respond to the Government's so-called carbon pollution reduction scheme." - Liberal Senator Nick Minchin - Sydney Morning Herald - 16 January 2009

“The Opposition remains hopelessly divided when it comes to tackling climate change,” Senator Wong said.

“The Rudd Government is getting on with the job of building the low pollution economy of the future while Mr Turnbull is still trying to convince his colleagues that climate change is real.”

Senator Wong said clean coal and carbon capture and storage technologies will be critical in Australia‟s efforts to reduce carbon pollution.

“The Government is supporting the deployment of clean coal technologies, renewable energy, and carbon capture and storage through the introduction of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme and with over a billion dollars in investment.

“ZeroGen - like all clean coal and carbon capture and storage projects - will be eligible to compete for Government assistance through the $500 million National Low Emissions Coal Fund and the $100 million-a-year Global Carbon Capture and Storage Initiative.”